LASHARE Laser-based Equipment Assessment (LEA)

NASA graphic showing Technology Readiness Levels

Laser-based Equipment Assessment (LEA) is a novel approach to bring together the industry's demand for an increased efficiency in manufacturing, the potential of SME's to deliver innovative equipment and the background of European research entities to provide a scientifically sound support for the success of such a challenge. The "Assessment Circle" as a sequence of activities lies at the heart of the assessments which are being conducted by partners from one of three "Assessment Roles".

The LEA's themselves cover a broad range of applications from ultra-short pulse processing of materials via the development of new laser sources to sensor systems for laser-based manufacturing processes. The current set of laser-based equipment assessments in LASHARE comprises 14 technological solutions which have been demonstrated at laboratory level. The execution of the assessments will advance each laser-based equipment in techology readiness.