News 06/2016

JNPLI 2016

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The French associaton of industrial laser companies invited to a symposium in Liege. LASHARE presented the approach to assess laser based equipment in a team that comprises users, suppliers and research entities to ensure a robust and fast path to innnovation. The event hosted more than 200 attendees.


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LASHARE at FOTONICA 2016. In an international environment, research and industry work hand in hand to bring innovation to life. At national scale, the collaboration between public engagement and private engagement needs to be organised such that all interests are respected. At FOTONICA2016 a dedicated session on this topic brought together examples from the Netherlands, from France and from Germany. LASHARE overached these presenstations demonstrating the success of the I4MS initiative to bridge between public engagement and regional benefits.

Industrial Technologies

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Industrial Technologies, Amsterdam 2016. An event that resembled the resources and the advances that have been mobilised to achieve progress in the digitisation of European industries. As part of the most important change in Europe - digitisation of SMEs - the I4MS initiative resembled the initiatives that pave the way of support for enterprises that need a robust and low-risk path to the digital future. The European Commission is supporting this change with the I4MS scheme.