Laser-based Equipment Assessments LEA's

LASHARE conducts Laser-based Equipment Assessments (LEAs) addressing a broad range of applications. All of them involve a supplier, an industrial user and a research partner to take a demonstrated piece of equipment to a new level of technology readiness.

Since 2016, 14 new LEAs focus on the integration of ICT in laser-based manufacturing equipment and the connection to external infrastructure. They build upon a set of 14 LEAs that finished in 2016 and proved the support of equipment assessment to accelerated advance in technology readiness.

LASHARE currently conducts the following LEAs

ICT-based quality control setup and operation for laser welding of hydraulic cylinders
702 Structure borne sound system for laser welding defect detection and correction
ALLEGRO 703 Adaptive plastic laser welding for autonomous production of car door panels
PROCUT3D 704 3D variable depth laser cutting system for production of rubber profiles
SCALP 705 3D laser scanning and laser cutting system for the production of vehicles for disabled driver
LASAO 706 Adaptive optics for improved femto second laser beam quality and stability
PAPS 707 Automated positioning, alignment and process setup for laser welding of microfluidic chips
MALCES 708 Machine tool for automated laser cladding of extruder screws
FAST3DSA 709 Fast 3D scanning solution for advanced material processing
INNOSEAM 710 Multisensor system for adaptive control of laser welding 
711 Integrative sensor grid for quality monitoring of micro manufacturing processes
PROPER 712 3D digital tool chain for additive part repair
ACTFAST 713 Real-time laser process monitoring system with fibre integrated sensors
SPOTNSEAM 714 Closed-loop control system for continuous laser spot on seam

LASHARE has conducted the following LEAs

Acronym LEA Title
ALPS 301 Vision-based laser cutting for patterned fabrics
FLAT 302 Plug-in laser diode module for warm sheet metal forming
LASPRO 303 Laser beam profiler for online characterization of spot properties
TEETO 304 Compact sub-nanosecond laser source for thin film processing
305 Laser system for flexible CIGS photovoltaic scribing
CUDE 306 Direct diode laser system for cutting of mild and stainless steel
MOBILLAS 307 Mobile laser system for on-site material processing
TWOMICRO 308 Two micron laser source for lightweight materials and medical sector
HELIDRILL 309 Helical laser drilling system for micro vents and conducts
LAP3D 310 Laser processing system for stitching structured patterns on large 3D parts
FEMPAR 311 Deep engraving system for coining dies with femtosecond laser
NEXTCUT 312 Multi-wavelength diode laser source for cutting applications
PARROT 313 Parallel multi-beam ablation of rotationally symmetric work pieces
INCLAD 314 Inside cladding system with integrated process monitoring