LASHARE Workshop June 2017

Digitisation of Laser-based Manufacturing - a Forum at LaserWorld of Photonics 2017

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LASHARE invites to a workshop on "Digitisation of laser-based manufacturing" at Laser World of Photonics 2017 in Munich. On June 29th from 10:00 to 14:00, a Forum at the exhibition will open the stage for an exchange on challenges in digitisation. The event will be started by the European Commission and Photonics21 which both will give an insight into their work today and the future plans to organise research in this field. The presentations of running projects will take a close look at ICT integration into pieces of equipment and on equipment integeration into ICT environments alike.

A worskhop will collect feedback from the audience to provide input to future work programmes at European level and to give directions to actual work that is carried out in collaborative and industrial projects.

Preliminary program:

-          Digitisation in photonics for excellence in Europe – towards the next framework program (European Commission)

-          Photonics in manufacturing under Horizon2020 and beyond (Photonics21)

-          I4MS Projects: LASHARE & APPOLO

-          Discussion: Challenges in the Digitisation of European Manufacturing with laser-based equipment

-          IR&RIA Projects: Adalam, Bridle, Combilaser, Hiperdias, Hiperlam, Hyprocell, Modulase, Paraddise, Radicle, Razipol, Tresclean